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The baby is in your ribs, you can't breathe, stairs are definitely on the top of the NOT TO DO LIST, it's so hot that pants are optional at this point, but pinky promise thumb kiss you will miss these days. The days where your baby danced inside your belly. Where they were safe and you didn't have to worry so much about baby proofing or if they were being "too" quiet. You're already a mother, loving and giving everything, you have to this little bump. It's super special. During your maternity session consultation, we will review what style you are going for whether it is super down to earth and comfy in your own home to a couture experience. Hair and makeup on location is always provided with your maternity session. Feel free to utilize my client closet and let the experienced hair and makeup artist awe you with an amazing look from neutral to glam! 

Why Maternity sessions are so important