That magic moment when you kiss your baby for the first time. You count all their little fingers and toes and they snuggle up to your chest and you feel their heart beating for the very first time. A first moment you will never forget. 

First comes love then comes magic! 

How to Reserve your Newborn Session

My goal is to always provide you with a wonderful and safe experience for you and your new babe. Every single baby is near and dear to my heart, and I promise to treat each as my own. I truly love children with all my heart. Caring for children whether as a nurse, photographer, or caregiver has been my life mission! Each session is customized to the newborn’s safety and flexibility. I will never continue a pose that is overall uncomfortable with this being said not every baby will do every pose, but I promise you will get an amazing experience with beautiful one-of-a-kind images. My style is overall posed unless a lifestyle session is your vision. Babies are wrapped in fabrics that provide stretch and breathability for the comfort of your newborn. My editing style is altered to the newborn setup but is overall has a slightly moody vibe with rich tones and vibrant colors. I love to experiment and try new props and set ups so if you have something in mind, please write it down and share with me at your newborn consultation,


Being a parent is one of the hardest and most wonderful times of our lives. In just the blink of an eye our babies grow up. Many times parents wish they could go back to the sweet first days of life with their newborns. They want to remember every single detail and I want to capture that moment for you! You do not want to miss this chance to capture portraits of them so you can cherish this moment in life forever. I recommend photographing your newborn 5-18 days after birth. Thank you so very much for your interest in my Newborn photography services.

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Dressing your walls with the best moments of your life will take your right back to all of the firsts. Your baby only has one first time to do every single little thing. Don't forget that moment...don't forget how their hands wrapped around yours, Don't forget how tiny their little features were or how they fit in your arms seamlessly. Your heart is now outside of your own body and in the body of this tiny beautiful new baby. 

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Your Newborn is in capable hands


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