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Newborn Session: Start to Finish

“What can I expect at a newborn session?”

“How long does the session last?”

“Should I bring my whole family?”

Join me as I walk you through my whole newborn process- step by step!

1. Reserve Your Newborn Session

The first thing you need to do is reserve your session! This is super important because I have a limited number of newborn sessions each month. Completing the reservation form lets me know there is a sweet baby expected to arrive in the month of your due date and you are on my radar. Please don’t stress though, if baby arrives early or late or needs NICU time- I will always accommodate for that! I understand you cannot control when your baby arrives and when they are healthy enough to come to their session πŸ™‚

newborn session

2. Book Your Newborn Consultation Call

Before your due date, schedule a virtual call with me! This gives us a chance to chat about session expectations and answer any questions you might have. We also decide on styling during this time. If you decide to not book a newborn session consultation call then you are putting your trust in me to style your session for you!

3. Text/Call me!

“Hey Ash, Baby is HERE!!” 😍 Ah, those are my favorite messages to get! I pray for each of you and your babies and knowing they have arrived safe and sound with a healthy mama puts my heart at ease.

Text or call me once your baby has arrived (within 24-48 hours please!) so I can officially put you on my schedule! Woohoo!

newborn session with siblings

4. Newborn Session

Your newborn session will take place at my studio (501 W Indian Hills Rd. Norman, OK 73069). You will come upstairs to the studio and meet me there! I will have the studio nice and toasty for your fresh babe. If you brought all your immediate family, we will do family and sibling shots first. That way, if the siblings want to leave they can. They are always welcome to stay- I have two boys so I am immune to sound. Also, after family shots, Mom and Dad can relax (and nap?) if they need to. I have a small kitchen in my studio for snacks, bottle preparing, etc. My studio is your home!

5. The hardest part

Now you wait for your photos! I know, I know- it’s hard! My turn around time is 3 weeks for editing and as soon as I am done I will be in contact with you!

baby boy newborn session

6. The Big Reveal!

Grab your tissues for the big photo reveal! Come join me back at my studio (or virtual if you need to!) to take a look at your photos. This is such a special time to sit back, relax, and really soak in the memories being presented in front of you. Your photos will tell a story of your snuggly, sweet babe ❀ This reveal is when you can order photos from your newborn session, I will personally assist with your photo ordering needs and answer any questions along the way! Bring the family- the more the merrier!

7. Stay in Touch!

Even though your newborn session is complete doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing each other again! I will be checking in for those future milestones for you and baby because trust me, it goes fast and you’ll want to freeze as many memories as you can.

As always, thank you for trusting me with your most precious things in life. Your children and memories are something that are irreplaceable. I am so honored to be a small glimpse in your family’s journey. So proud of all my clients!

xo, Ash

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