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OMG, What do I wear for my newborn session?

You’re in the right place Momma!

So you just had a baby. While soaking up all those sweet cuddles and sleepless nights the last thing you have on your mind is what in the world am I going to wear to my newborn session! Let me make this easy for you with my 5 ways to look smokin hot even after you had a baby!

With any photo session I encourage no logos or graphics or crazy patterns. These are distracting to your pretty face. I would also avoid anything that you are uncomfortable in (which can be hard seeing as how you just pushed a watermelon out of the size of a lemon or where recently cut hip to hip) Hooorah- you did it! c-section mama hear and those things are no joke! Take your laxatives….js

Back to the goodies

newborn session
  • 1. Maxi Dress- these are super comfortable for new mommas! Wear one that fits your style and personality and can be easily removed for after pictures. It often gets warm in there so feel free to bring your comfy pants to change into.
  • 2. Dress it up with textures! Whether you have that beautiful lace top or cashmere sweater pull it out of the closet and get ready for some sweet cuddly photos.
  • 3. Neutral colors-If you have a favorite color wear it! But if you’re unsure and just don’t know what to wear I encourage neutrals. Black, cream, grey, browns, light pinks, and navy all look amazing and really bring the focus on the baby and the bond you guys have together.
  • Don’t worry about pants!!!! It’s a no pants party…just kidding wear them but don’t worry about matching your shoes to your pants I’m only shooting from the waist up and I will pose you so every photo is flattering!
  • Don’t forget your wedding ring! Even if it doesn’t fit right now. We can grab some cute toesies with your wedding ring on it!

When all else fails think about why you’re doing this session! To capture that first few weeks with your sweet baby. They grow so very fast and you don’t realize it until look back. The nights are long but the days are short. If you’re thinking you might not want to be in photos I highly encourage at least one….even with your hair up in sweatpants. Your baby will not care later on!

newborn session

They will want photos of you two together. I will crop most family photos HIGH and TIGHT so you don’t have to worry about that after baby belly pudge. I got you girl! You worked so hard for 9 months carrying that baby! You deserve these precious photos to look at for the rest of your life!

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