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Candid Vs. Posed Family Sessions

I love a mixture of both

I am gearing up for busy season which means I have tons of mini sessions coming up. This year, I brought out the most requested mini sessions so you are getting the best of the best for your mini family sessions!

So what type of pictures can you expect to receive from me?

Posed shoots are organized and have a goal for the image. These always work great when you have a set up, a background, a specific theme (like my mini sessions!). Posed photos do take more effort from children during a photoshoot, but I still keep it fun for them! Posing can create serine images that may not always happen with candid shots. Family sessions are good for posing because you can create a visually balanced photo with heights and colors of clothing. I tend to do more posed photos for mini sessions.

So what is a candid shot? Candid shots are unplanned, un-posed moments captured on camera. They are powerful because they capture who you are, as you are. They capture the genuine smile, the silly faces your children make, the way you look at your spouse, the way your children look at you. These are not posed and are true to the core. Things change so much as children grow so fast, it’s nice to capture the things they do while that phase lasts. I tend to capture more candid moments during a full hour session.

Regardless of the type of session you book, I routinely practice capturing a mix of both candid and posed. You will see more posed photos during a mini session (mainly due to time) and during a full session will be a wider variety of posed and candid.

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