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Why schedule a reveal session?

Reason1: I take you back in time

You waited so long to hold and snuggle your baby. To feel their chest rise and fall as they sleep on you. To smell and kiss their sweet cheeks. All for the first few weeks to go by in the blink of an eye!

If you are anything like me and see an email that says “You Gallery is Delivered”, I am going to open it immediately. Yes, even waiting in Chick-fil-a drive through for my nuggets.

At a reveal session, you get to sit and soak in your gallery. You get to see the dimples, the newborn smiles, the little baby that once was. Your reveal session is a moment to savor the images of your sweet babe.

Reason 2: Time

It takes me months (years?) to sit down, pick my favorite photos, get them ordered, and hang them up in my house or gift to family members. Months y’all! I value the images and displaying them, but life is busy. And tasks that are for myself always seem to filter to the bottom of my to -do list.

After years of photographing newborns, I realized my clients were running into the same issues. It would take them months to choose images for themselves. The reveal takes care of that problem.

What to expect at a reveal session…

When, Where, What?

Join me about 3 weeks after your newborn session at my studio (or virtually!) for your reveal session where you get to take a savoring look at your newborn session gallery. You’ll get to “ooh” and “aww” over all the photos you want. We can make any necessary tweaks, chose any upgrades, and can even create a baby book.

And I’ll be right there to help you choose any photos you want to print, help you select gifts for grandparents, or answer any questions about your options.

If your schedule simply won’t allow the drive to my studio, we’ll do the same thing on the video conference app, Zoom. It’s the next best thing, and in either case, we take care of your memories together 🙂

P.S. It’s always fun to bring grandparents or any other special people to the reveal session!

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