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3 ways to make Valentine’s Day fun for your kids!

Valentine’s Day…it’s a love/hate kind of relationship with this holiday, isn’t it? Either you are happy and in love, or well…not. But for kids, they see it as a day to love everyone in their life. Pretty sweet to see it through their eyes.

Are you the parent that likes to go all out on holidays or keep it low key? I am a combo of both.

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Here are 3 ways to make Valentine’s Day fun for your kids (without losing your sanity):

1. Words of Affirmations.

I love to cut out a few hearts and each day write words of affirmation to my kids and tape it to their door! I try to do it for the first 14 days of February (but hey, sometimes I miss a day!). They are always excited to check if they have a new heart on their door and we get to talk about it. It takes about 2 whole minutes, it’s free, and they feel so loved!

2. A handmade card with a photo of the two of you.

Kids give with everything they have, and most of the time the things they have are their skills, some crayons, glue, and paper. They love to make things for people but how often do they get the same type of gifts in return? Why not make them a sweet card to include a photo of a favorite time with them. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just from the heart.

3. One on one date with your child.

A few simple ideas: a park date (get on the swings with them and have fun!), hot chocolate date at a coffee shop and spend the hour chatting with them and asking them fun questions, snuggles and watching a movie together, surprise them at school lunch time and eat with them!

These simple ideas will reconnect you and your child while you celebrate a day that truly is lovely!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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