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3 tips for new moms [they’re not what you think!]

I don’t usually love to put out my advice and tips for new moms…but these are too good to pass on!

I remember being pregnant and receiving allll the advice. It was overwhelming, scary, and honestly not even wanted. Everything from how to birth my baby, how to feed my baby, and what to expect when they’re older. “Make sure they don’t do THIS to you at the hospital, or make sure you try to feed your baby THIS way, oh you’re having a boy? Good luck to you! πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„”

☝☝☝ These are not helpful tips for new moms.

The thing I love most about being a newborn photographer is seeing new moms who are figuring out the dang thing! They show up, love their babies, and follow their mama intuition. And they are freaking rock stars at parenting already πŸ‘ I hear and see so many birth stories, feeding styles, and cultural traditions walk through my studio. The ONE thing I love to encourage moms with is how to give ourselves, as mothers, grace during our motherhood journey.

Mothering is exciting, loving, an adventure like no other! It also is a journey where we make mistakes, we have to learn on the fly, and sometimes- it’s just messy!

Newborn session with mom

Here are 3 tips for new moms to encourage giving themselves grace in their motherhood journey:

1. Give yourself permission to not do everything.

I think women specifically like to say “yes”! Not because we are people pleasers but because we genuinely want to do a lot of different things because it fulfills us! But ladies, listen up-you can’t say yes to everything and that is okay! If you fully expected to exclusively breastfeed and cloth diaper and use all homemade baby foods- that is GREAT! If you feel like you are drowning because of that (because it IS a lot of work!) it’s okay to let one thing go, even if its for a short period of time. It’s okay to change your parenting plan. It’s okay to not be the exact mom you thought you would be when carrying your sweet baby for 9 months. Don’t let others make you feel bad because you are changing your plan.

2. Never feel selfish for taking “you” time.

In those first few weeks [and months] it’s sometimes hard to put a sleepy, snuggly, lovey baby down so you can get a pedicure [or heck, even a shower!]. Yes, the newborn phase but it’s still okay to carve out a little “you” time. Refreshing your mind for a short period of time brings you back to your family wholly.

mom and newborn son

3. Do one thing a day that you are proud of.

Don’t overcomplicate this one. What’s one thing you do that makes you proud or feel accomplished? Is it taking a 10 minute walk? Cooking yourself a decent lunch [feed yourself, mamas!], it could even be taking up a new hobby and practicing it a few minutes a day! These are some special memories you are creating for yourself during your motherhood journey- it’s not always about he kids!

What tips for new moms would you add to the list?

maternity session with cream dress

xo, Ashley

Ashley is a sought after and an award winning Oklahoma City area photographer. Her work is specialized in newborn photography. She is APNPI certified to work with newborns and has a pediatric RN background. Learn more about Ashley here.

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