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Hair and Makeup: Why adding it to your newborn session is best!

Adding a hair and makeup artist to your session is one of my favorite things I see a mama do in her newborn session.

Walking into a photoshoot days after giving birth can be a little intimidating. Our bodies still have certain bumps and rolls, our boobs are on fire 🔥, and don’t even get me started on our crotch or incisions…did I mention hormonal acne?

Having hair and makeup done for your newborn session helps new moms feel like a million bucks.

It might be a simple cosmetic fix, but let me tell you- the insecurities drip off these women as they get pampered. The more at ease and comfortable you are, the more natural your pictures will look!

Mamas, the early days of motherhood is the time to take all the help and outsourcing you can get. Bless those who came to cook for me or clean my house during those first few weeks. Getting your hair and makeup done for your session saves you energy and time while you get camera-ready.

In my studio, I use high-end quality equipment that enables my photos to be clear and precise. This means every pore and hair on your beautiful face is exposed (which is a scary thought for anyone!). Having your hair and makeup done hides any small imperfections that might pop up on the day of your shoot. It also helps your bone structure and eyes stand out in your photos! My team of hair and makeup artists will work with you to create the perfect looks that suit you and your style best.

Also, moms deserve the best! Adding on a little pampering and TLC helps boost our self-confidence and it’s FUN! 🤩

Pro tip: Put your hair and makeup to use after your session. Go get a fancy lunch with baby in tow or if you’re comfortable leaving baby for an hour schedule a date that day! Heck, even show off your gorgeous self at Target 😉

Learn more about my hair and makeup team here. 🤍

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