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Repeat after me: I am beautiful. Repeating beauty affirmations to yourself each day renews your mind that your body and mind are worthy of feeling beautiful and loved. I want to shout to the roof tops to all women that they are beautiful just. the. way. they. are. We aren’t in a competition to who […]

3 positive beauty affirmations to save on your phone


positive beauty affirmations

"Ashley makes the photography process of trying to get amazing photos of babies look so easy! She’s flexible and easy to work with, has so many great creative ideas and props, and always turns out the best photos! As a new mom seeing others handle your baby can be a little scary but she does newborn poses in such a way that are cute and and takes her time to make them safe! We’ve done a baby plan with extra shoots (photoshoots for the first year of life) and have had 5 photoshoots. Each have been fun, stress free, and our son loves her! We’ll be continuing to have photos done by her as he grows."

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