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3 positive beauty affirmations to save on your phone

Repeat after me: I am beautiful. Repeating beauty affirmations to yourself each day renews your mind that your body and mind are worthy of feeling beautiful and loved.

I want to shout to the roof tops to all women that they are beautiful just. the. way. they. are. We aren’t in a competition to who can have the best booty or Botox. We are here to support one another as women for women.

So let’s acknowledge that we aren’t perfect but all have incredible aesthetic strengths.

Here are 3 positive beauty affirmations to tell yourself daily with images so you can save them and use as screen savers on your phone!

“I was beautiful. I am beautiful. And I will always be beautiful.”

I love this positive affirmation because it is reminding ourselves that even though yesterday I had a bad though about the way I looked and felt, I know I was still worthy. And no matter what tomorrow brings, I can find my beauty in it.

beautify affirmation. I was beautiful. I am beautiful. And I will always be beautiful.

2. “The happier I am, the more beautiful I become”

When we show our true joy and desires, our light shines brighter. Let’s keep our lights bright and show other women to do the same with this beauty affirmation.

beauty affirmation. The happier I am, the more beautiful I become.

3. “I exude beauty and confidence”.

When we tell ourselves that we have something, our minds will start to believe it. Show the world your beauty, it needs more of it 😘

positive affirmation. I exude beauty and confidence.

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