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Newborn Sessions: Who is in charge?

Who is the star of the show in a newborn session?

The baby.

Some babies are divas, some are easy going, some want extra snuggles or milky time, some want to watch all the action. Other babies love me singing “You Are My Sunshine” (don’t judge my singing voice!) and others prefer the sound machine. 

It seems really common to see newborn galleries when the baby is sound asleep and will do any pose. But guess what? Not all babies want to sleep or pose, and that’s okay! 

As a newborn photographer, I am following your baby and what they want to do. If they don’t like a certain pose, great, we will try another one until they feel cozy! Not sleepy? No worries, we will capture their eyes open and capture their blossoming personality that way.

It’s important to follow their cues to keep them snug and safe during their session. your baby is new to this world and still trying to discover their comfort. They are my guide during their session because it is alllll about them! They are in charge!

Here is a sweet baby who was more interested in the camera than sleeping (future photographer here!!!) She napped during the family photo portion of her session, dreamed some more during posed baby photos, and then was wide eyed and bushy tailed for her last set. She didn’t want to miss all the fun!

Pro Tip: If you DO want sleepy baby pictures (obviously not a guarantee) but whittle bitty babies who have full bellies seem to be the sleepiest. I recommend babies to be 5-18 days old at their newborn session but that is absolutely not a requirement. The older your baby gets (even just by a day or two!) the more they are alert during their session.

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