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Show me who you are!

I could write a list a million miles long about what I love most about my clients. One of my top 3 favorite things about y’all though? Who you are.

I don’t mean “who”  as in your name, employer, address, blah, blah…

I mean “who” you are as in what you bring to the table. Your passions, hobbies, interests, experiences, talents! 

Sometimes I meet a client that seems “normal” (is anyone really normal though?) and out of nowhere they drop a crazy fact about themselves that blows me away. I have met the absolute coolest people like: poets, professional gamers, local celebrities, cancer survivors, cleft palette babies, farmers, woodworkers, florists, race car drivers, military members, and more! I love getting to know these things about you!

So here is what I am asking…

If you do something unique, have a crazy cool prop, a stunning backdrop, or anything you can showcase- I want to know! Email me, text me, comment here! 

I would love to collaborate with others and unify our passions, skills, talents to create something so beautiful that we can share with others.

Think of of interesting places and props for mini sessions, a beautiful scenic backdrop for family photos, an experience that is photographed, using your talents and passions in a way that brings a photography session to life.

I have found people who own VW Vans, VW Beetles, beautiful land scenery, florists, cake artists and more and it has been a blast working alongside them with my photography business and journey. I’m excited to connect further in my surrounding community and use our combined skills/assets to create something beautiful.

So show me WHO you are! 

Have something that you think we can collab on?

Email me at or find me on social media!

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