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Ultimate Family Mini Session Shot List

I get asked a lot “What will we get out of a mini session?” so let me tell you!

First of all, let’s chat about what a mini session is and it’s purpose.

A mini session is a 20-minute photo session with the purpose to update your family photos with a budget friendly price. Many couples and families love mini sessions because they are quick and a great way to check “family photos” off your to do list. If you are looking for a cozy, customized, storytelling family session, I suggest clicking here to inquire about a full session.

So what will you get out of a mini session? Here’s the good news, lots!

We can easily switch up posing and dynamics within a 20 minute session. Let me share with you my process…

I always start with the kids! They usually seem happier to get their photo taken when I first start shooting, and if not that’s okay. I put them first that way I know if I need to circle back to them before our 20 minutes is up.

With the kids, I like to get sibling photos[“pretend like you love each other!!” 😂] and individuals of each child. If there is only one child, I will take this time to get some more candid shots of them. 

Then, we add in Mom and Dad! [insert different names as needed, I know each family is different!]. I will pose the family in a couple of different ways!

With the family, I like to grab a few posed ones and then I ask the parents to get their tickle fingers out and grab some candid, fun photos of kiddos laughing and hugging. These make fun candid photos, but also it lets the kids know that photos aren’t all that bad! Lots of them walk away saying its even fun 🤩

We switch the parents around for some mom and kid photos.

mom and son fall mini session oklahoma city

And dad and kid photos.

dad and son fall mini session oklahoma city

Last [but certainly not least], I always encourage mom and dad to get a photo of just them! This usually throws them by surprise but you two deserve a sweet photo. Plus, it makes those #tenyearchallenge posts easier when you get a good photo of you two 😘

And that’s a wrap! 

I do know each family is different, and I adjust this flow as needed. This can be tailored to couples, photos of just the kids, some families even enjoy including the family dog!

 I am so thankful for the variety of family dynamics that arrive in front of my camera and even more thankful you trust me to capture it for you!

Take a look at what mini sessions are coming up here. My fall and holiday ones tend to go fast, don’t hesitate to book early and have peace of mind.

Looking forward to capturing your family soon!

Mini Sessions: Family Shot List


Individual children


Candid Family

Mom and children

Dad and children

Mom and Dad

The Journal


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