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Navigating New Motherhood with Postpartum Support: A Guide to Outsourcing for Ease

Congrats, new mama! You are embarking on a new and remarkable journey of motherhood. This postpartum season is filled with the joys and challenges of caring for your precious babe. It is essential to explore strategies that can make this transition smoother so you can maximize the snuggles and recovery you need. One invaluable approach to ease into the path of motherhood is to utilize postpartum support by outsourcing tasks and chores. This allows you the time and mental space needed to focus on these first precious moments that matter most with your baby. These are the moments we will never get back and the early days of the ‘newborn scrunch’ will be gone before you know it. 

The Vital Role of Postpartum Support

During sleepless nights and constant feedings (or so it feels!), postpartum support becomes a crucial element for new mamas! Mothers are always told to ‘not pour from an empty cup’ or ‘put our oxygen mask on first’. We are only able to do that when we are offered [and accept] support and time for self-care. Outsourcing offers you the time and mental clarity necessary to rest, recover, and most importantly build a strong and unique bond with your newborn. Remember, a well-supported new mom is better equipped to provide the love and care her baby needs. 

oklahoma city newborn photographer

Meal Preparation Services for Postpartum Ease

Cooking meals seems to always be an overwhelming task! During postpartum, it’s extra important to cook nutritious meals but that’s also super time-consuming. As a new mom, your energy levels are well, stretched thin. So why not utilize postpartum support in the form of meal delivery services or hire a friend to cook for you? Having healthy, ready-to-eat meals can save you time (and your sanity!) and ensure you’re nourishing your body during this crucial recovery time in your postpartum period. 

Here are some Oklahoma City local businesses that provide healthy, ready-to-eat meals:

Supper Thyme OK

Grocery Girl Co.

Postpartum Support for Household Cleaning and Organization

Keeping a home clean and organized before kids is hard, nobody enjoys scrubbing toilets, and don’t even get me started on the baseboards. ‘Clean enough’ is a standard in my home. Adding a newborn to the mix means you have way less time [and less hands] to get things done. Maintaining a clean and organized living space is beneficial for your mental well-being. Outsourcing household chores by hiring a cleaning service is very helpful! A tidy home creates a peaceful environment, making it easier to focus on recovery for yourself and loving your sweet baby.

Local Oklahoma city cleaning (and more!) companies to call:

The Clothes Line

Clean As A Mother

Saving Grace Home Cleaning

Flinn’s Laundry Service

Virtual Assistance for Postpartum Administrative Tasks

So many women own businesses [woohoo!]. And if you thought taking maternity leave was hard from your 9-5 job, it’s 10x harder taking time away from your own business. Entrepreneurship often [let’s be real, it ALWAYS] involves administration tasks. Postpartum support can take the form of hiring a virtual assistant who helps ensure your business still runs smoothly while you take time away from your laptop. By hiring an assistant, you can streamline that long to-do list. Give yourself more time to cherish special memories with your baby and overwhelm yourself with work during the early stages of motherhood. 

Meet Kayla, she owns Groove Virtual Assisting. Kayla and her team have assisted me for 4+ years in my business from admin work to assisting with marketing, CRM, and client experience. She helps me take my to-do list and make it a DONE list. Whether you need assistance during a season or long term, I highly recommend reaching out to see how Groove Virtual Assisting can serve you and your business!

photography virtual assistant
Groove Virtual Assisting

Child Care Support: A Key Element of Postpartum Assistance

While you are the most important primary caregiver for your newborn, accepting help with childcare is a major aspect of postpartum support. Whether it’s a trusted family member helping you with your older children, a professional caregiver giving you an afternoon break, or a neighbor you trust to watch the baby while you simply shower. Having someone you trust to watch over your baby and children for a few hours provides you with the rejuvenation you need to keep being the awesome mama that you are!

Would a nanny be the right call for your family? Check out Premier Nanny Co. in the Oklahoma City area.

Embracing the Village Mentality for Postpartum Support

As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It’s vital to lean on your support network for postpartum assistance. Friendly and family are often thankful to be asked to run errands or simply provide a listening ear. Communicate your postpartum support needs openly and allow others to share the joy of supporting you during this special time!

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Conclusion: Embracing Ease with Postpartum Support

Motherhood is a journey filled with so many emotions. Love, joy, fear, anger, and feeling completely tired at times. By seeking postpartum support and outsourcing tasks during this phase, you’re lightening your load and creating a space for the beautiful moments that define early motherhood. 

Remember, accepting postpartum support is a sign of strength. Prioritizing your well-being is setting the foundation for a happy and healthy start to your motherhood journey. Your kids will thank you! You’ve got this, mama! I am always here cheering for you!

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