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Newborn Photography Props: What do I need to bring for my session?

What newborn photography props do I need to bring to my session?

You just reserved your session…now what? 

You just reserved your newborn session and can check that off your list- congrats! But now what? You know you need to bring that sweet bundle of joy in but is there anything else you need to bring with you? Will your photographer provide props at the session? What about outfits? What all needs to be packed and ready for your newborn session? Let’s chat about newborn photography props and what you actually need to bring!

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Will my newborn photographer have props?

Yes, your photographer will have props for your newborn session. Photographers invest a ton (A TON) of money into props, safety equipment, backdrops, accessories, and more for their sessions. A newborn photographer typically spends about 1 hour before a session ensuring props, wraps, and backdrops are ready for their clients before their arrival. 

After you book a session with me, we schedule a newborn consultation call. On this call we go over any props, colors, wraps, posing, etc. that you want in your customized newborn session. Because I have all the specifics about your session, I will ensure I have all the props and equipment ready to go when you arrive so that your session goes flawlessly.

In short, YES, your newborn photographer provides props!

How many props will I get in my newborn session?

This is going to depend on your photographer and their pricing structure. 

Take a look at my newborn pricing here. During your newborn consultation call, we will discuss how many sets based on your newborn session type. 

Do I need to bring outfits for my newborn photography session?

Professional newborn photographers should not be asking you to bring any outfits to your session. They will provide all newborn photography props, swaddles, headbands, bows, buckets, baskets, backdrops, etc. 

When you book a session with me, I provide everything you could imagine for a newborn session. However, if you have a special outfit that you would like to incorporate into your newborn session, you should absolutely bring it to customize your newborn session.

Am I allowed to bring props of my own?

Depending on your photographer, you might be able to bring props of your own. Make sure to consult with your newborn photographer before arriving with a handful of props though!

Newborn sessions with me include a newborn consultation call. During that call, I will ask you if you plan to bring any props of your own. This can include a sentimental item or something you enjoy and want to customize your newborn session with. I will then plan one of my sets around this prop and bring your vision to life!

What are your favorite newborn photography props?

I have a wide variety of props that enable you to customize your newborn session. Here are my favorite newborn photography prop companies that I like to support:

Sweet Baby Photo Props

Dreamy Lavendar


Luneberry Flokati

Hello Little Props

I wish I could say I have a favorite type of prop but honestly, I love it all. I have a massive (I mean MASSIVE) selection of wraps of different colors and textures, headbands, bonnets, mini stuffies, baskets/buckets, baby beds, newborn outfits for both boys and girls, and some fun props like a mini coffee cup and princess crown (And so much that I can’t even list it all here). Most importantly, I use these props safely and with the right equipment. I am safety certified as a newborn photographer and my top priority is keeping your little one safe and happy. On your newborn consultation call, I can dive deeper into which props you might be interested in as well as a color scheme to support your style for displaying photos in your home.

Is there anything I should be bringing to my session?

Things to consider bringing to your newborn session would be feeding supplies, your baby will be a little extra hungry and tired after their session so best to be prepared and have it ready! They’ve been working hard during their newborn session looking so sweet so refuel them with extra milkies and naps. Other things to bring would be diaper essentials (wipes, diapers, mat) and a change of clothes for mom and dad/ Newborn photography studios should be a little toasty to keep newborn warm and safe so bring a short sleeve shirt for after mom and dad photos are done. 

Don’t stress though, I provide a full newborn session guide for you which includes everything to bring before your session! 

Now take a deep breath mama. No need to go order any props! Kick your feet up and enjoy the ride. See you and your sweet newborn soon 😘

Meet Ashley

Incorporating your style into your newborn session fuels my creative fire. I love creating one-of-a-kind images that are both unique to the baby and their families. Newborn sessions are easy paced allowing ample time for feeding and cuddles in a studio you can feel perfectly at home in! Feel free to browse the studio, enjoy a cold drink from the fridge, hot coffee or even an organic snack as you wait. My home is your home. So take your shoes off and stay awhile during your newborn session.

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