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Finding the Best Newborn Photographer in Oklahoma City

Did you just Google “Best Photographer in Oklahoma City” and wind up here? Well, you’re in the right place.

Finding the best newborn photographer in Oklahoma City is trickier than you think. Why? Because everyone has a different idea of what makes a photographer the “best”.

I have curated a list of my favorite newborn photographers in Oklahoma city that are different than my style, to help you find the best match for your newborn session vision.

Safest Newborn Photographers in Oklahoma City

Safety is my priority during a newborn session, so I think it’s important to talk about this first. I agree that almost all photographers have the absolute best intention of keeping your baby safe during a session, but not all are specifically trained in newborn session safety. 

Only myself and one other photographer in Oklahoma are certified for newborn session safety through Accredit Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI). We strive for safety in every aspect of your newborn session. 

Ashley McClintock Photography (That’s me!) holds the APNPI certification the longest in the state of Oklahoma. I want each and every mama to walk into my studio and be able to relax. When I was a new mom, I knew I wasn’t able to relax unless I knew my baby was in safe hands. As an RN, mom to two boys, and newborn session safety certified- I go above and beyond to ensure your baby’s health and wellness comes first. Every pose, piece of equipment, room temperature, and more is strategically used for your baby’s safety.

Lacee Smith Photography is the other APNPI-certified photographer in the state of Oklahoma. She is also a nurse, and mom to two girls, and takes safety very seriously in her sessions. Although our session styles (read below to learn more about newborn session styles!) are different, we hold the same safety goals for your sweet bundles of joy!

Warm Style Newborn Photographers

There are so many styles and feelings that come with photography. Each photographer has their own style and it’s important to know what style you want so you pick the best newborn photographer in Oklahoma City for you!

Here are some photographers who like that warm, cozy lighting to bring those fuzzy feelings and emotions into your portraits. The portraits these photographers create are unique and one-of-a-kind. The vibe is “pour me another cup of coffee, please”.

My business, Ashley McClintock Photography, definitely fits the warm and cozy editing style. I love to see the depth of color and emotions in a photo and FEEL the moments again- which is what I believe the images I create do for my clients. I love to use creams and natural colors to bring out the elegance in my images.

Ashley McClintock Photography. Baby posed with arm folded behind the check wearing a bear bonnet in neutral colors. Best newborn photographer in Oklahoma City

Ashley Thornton Photography is a wonderful photographer and educator in the Oklahoma City area who also uses a warmer-toned editing style. She even offers a Learn Your Camera Class- check her out!

Ashley Thornton Photography. Newborn baby posed with teddy bear on miniature bed.

Keely Nicole Photography uses her gift of photography to create warm and cozy, yet simple and dainty images that make a mother’s heart explode over their newborn session images. She is located in Newcastle, Oklahoma. Keely is an absolute sweetheart and has a heart for each baby that walks through her studio.

Keely Nicole Photography. Newborn baby in froggy pose with warm neutral colors.

Light and Airy Style Newborn Photographers

Warm and cozy newborn portraits not your style? Don’t worry, these amazing ladies create images that are light, airy, and bright! Maybe one of these ladies you could name the best newborn photographer in Oklahoma City with their editing style 

Lacee Smith Photography is located in the Wheeler District near downtown OKC and uses natural bright light to create airy, light photos that capture your family. Her style is light and bright with muted colors.

Lacee Smith Photography. Baby posed in all white smiling.

Brittney Diane Photography is located in Edmond Oklahoma uses a mix of lifestyle and posed photography styles. She has a commitment to true-to-color editing and incorporates off-camera flash techniques to enhance the final images to faithfully represent the original scene.

Brittany Diane Photography. Light and Bright style editing with newborn baby girl posed in a heart shaped basket. Newborn Photographer in Oklahoma City.

I am so thankful to share a passion for photography and service with these women in my area! Check them out and find the best newborn photographer in Oklahoma City that fits your style!

Ashley McClintock Photography

The Oklahoma Baby Whisperer

Learn more about Ashley and her expertise in newborn and motherhood photography. She is passionate about newborn safety, new and expecting mothers feeling amazing in their skin, and curating elegant portraits to display in your home.

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