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Are you interested in the baby plan! Check out all the details and see if the Baby Plan is right for your family. Ohhh and did I mention all the extra goodies you get? 

3 signs that booking the baby plan is right for you! 



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Step two in my newborn session booking process is to have you book a newborn consultation with me! This might sound fancy but really it is a quick (15-30 minute) zoom call to discuss everything revolving around your sweet baby and their newborn session with me! Here are 3 reasons why booking a newborn consultation […]

Why a newborn consultation makes your newborn session better!

Newborn Sessions

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Reason1: I take you back in time You waited so long to hold and snuggle your baby. To feel their chest rise and fall as they sleep on you. To smell and kiss their sweet cheeks. All for the first few weeks to go by in the blink of an eye! If you are anything […]

Why schedule a reveal session?

Newborn Sessions

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Valentine’s Day…it’s a love/hate kind of relationship with this holiday, isn’t it? Either you are happy and in love, or well…not. But for kids, they see it as a day to love everyone in their life. Pretty sweet to see it through their eyes. Are you the parent that likes to go all out on […]

3 ways to make Valentine’s Day fun for your kids!

Mini Sessions

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Repeat after me: I am beautiful. Repeating beauty affirmations to yourself each day renews your mind that your body and mind are worthy of feeling beautiful and loved. I want to shout to the roof tops to all women that they are beautiful just. the. way. they. are. We aren’t in a competition to who […]

3 positive beauty affirmations to save on your phone


positive beauty affirmations

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Let’s declutter Christmas one gift at a time Many parents are begging to change the expectations of Christmas. Our homes and items are closing in on us as we manage “stuff” within our walls. We buy all the organizational tools, and spend hours sorting toys into them- but what we really need is to declutter […]

Decluttering Christmas


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The cooler weather is approaching and it is important to know how to safely keep your sweet, snuggly baby warm during the colder months. I want to preface to say that I am not a doctor and you should always listen to your doctor’s advice. I am a pediatric nurse, mama, and professional baby snuggler […]

3 safe sleep ways to keep baby warm

Newborn Sessions

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The days of showing up to your friends with a hot meal and extra hands to help clean or rock a baby is on hold! What other ways can you provide help to your friend or family member that are new parents? Send/Drop off a care package. So often a mother is showered with gifts…for […]

6 COVID friendly ways to help new parents!

Newborn Sessions

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My top FAQs answered! These are the question I see in my inbox on the daily so I wanted to make sure I had some quick info put together for you. How much does a newborn session cost? That is up to you! I offer multiple packages to fit your budget with the option to […]

Newborn FAQs

Newborn Sessions

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I could write a list a million miles long about what I love most about my clients. One of my top 3 favorite things about y’all though? Who you are. I don’t mean “who”  as in your name, employer, address, blah, blah… I mean “who” you are as in what you bring to the table. […]

Show me who you are!

Family Sessions

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Who is the star of the show in a newborn session? The baby. Some babies are divas, some are easy going, some want extra snuggles or milky time, some want to watch all the action. Other babies love me singing “You Are My Sunshine” (don’t judge my singing voice!) and others prefer the sound machine.  […]

Newborn Sessions: Who is in charge?

Newborn Sessions

Newborn Session Oklahoma City

"Ashley makes the photography process of trying to get amazing photos of babies look so easy! She’s flexible and easy to work with, has so many great creative ideas and props, and always turns out the best photos! As a new mom seeing others handle your baby can be a little scary but she does newborn poses in such a way that are cute and and takes her time to make them safe! We’ve done a baby plan with extra shoots (photoshoots for the first year of life) and have had 5 photoshoots. Each have been fun, stress free, and our son loves her! We’ll be continuing to have photos done by her as he grows."

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